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I am a 17 year old male who is really paranoid right now. I have had a couple occasions when there was a little bit of blood on the toilet paper and that's it. Sometimes my anus hurt a little as if it was a rupture. I started drinking water to soften my stool at it stopped. Then one day, (btw this is all months ago) there was blood on my stool and bright red blood on the toilet paper. I ignored it and went on. Now, today months later with no anal pain, there blood was there again, and with some mucus on the stool and I'm really scared. 2 cases of colon cancer in my family, and I don't want to see a doctor out of fear of finding the worst out. I just want to be able to rule out colon cancer :(


Hi guest,

The only way to rule out colon cancer would be to see your doctor for a screening.  While most cases are in people older than about 50, they are increasing in the 20-29 age group.

Saying that I will also tell you that not everything is cancer.

You might have hemorrhoids.  Bright red blood is near the end of the anus.  It is a common indication of a hemorrhoid.  Mucous in the stool is common, it can be caused by what you ate.

Hope it helps.