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When I was a kid , a good 4-5 years I put some metallic pipe in my ass to see what butt sex felt like and a few years ago more recently I noticed a large swelling in my rectum, ever since I noticed ,about 2 years ago now, I have been so &@(@@ing scared I did something not only gross bit very bad and check myself every few months.
The swelling is the same size still about two inches wide and flat
I'm not homosexual and haven't done any anal stuff in many years since the incident, aside from scoping myself and never had anal sex
I'm now 17 and still have this problem I have noticed small blood on tp and sometimes mucus covering my stool
I want to know can I get cancer from metal like that??
I know this is unorthodox but it's all I can think is happening
I hadthought it would have healed by now please someone just help me out here
This is so serious to me
It hasn't caused me severe problems but obviously it stuck in my mind
What could this even be?


From your description it sounds like you have hemorrhoids. They cause swelling and can ooze mucous.

I doubt if the pipe had anything to do with it, especially since you noticed this a couple of years later.

See your doctor and describe the symptoms. If he asks, tell him about the pipe. I doubt he will.

Hope this helps you some. Please post back and let us know what happens or if you have more questions/concerns.


Hi pleasepleasehelp,

How are you doing? I'm just wondering if you saw a doctor.

Please let us know how you are, OK?



I suspect that what you have done could also be a slight anal fissure which would have been caused by what you put in your rectum. I do think it would be worth getting checked by a proctologist though. I agree with medic-dan. Are oyu around? It is really important to hear from you so we know that you're okay!


I'm sorry for some reason my last reply didn't go through..
Thanks for your time in responding and I think that must be what it really is
However it just seems like if it hAd been a hemmroid it would have healed
You don't think this could have cause me cancer?

You say you doubt it since the time but there's hasn't been anything else
And it seems like time it would need to incubate
Please tell me what you think


We're glad to help.

Not all hemorrhoids heal. Sometimes they need surgery. You may not notice any symptoms but it would still be there.

Like healthfitnessguy says, the pipe could have caused a slight anal fissure, a small tear, and that could have developed into a hemorrhoid.

You really should get this checked by a doctor, preferably a proctologist. I know you might be reluctant to tell your parents but you really should. Once again, they don't need to know about the pipe. Just tell them that you've had a swelling for a while and it's bothering you.

Also, please don't think cancer first thing when it comes to your body. I know it can be scary but usually there are lots of other reasons for something happening.

Keep us updated, OK? Good luck.


I agree with what medic-dan has said. It's not helpful to you when you jump to the conclusion that you've got cancer without any evidence. Just see a doctor and try to figure out the best course of action, okay?


Can you tell me if you went to the doctor since you last posted this? I'd like to hear how you're doing and if you have a prognosis from your doctor or something. Let me know, okay?