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Unfortunately I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer three months ago and it turned out it’s already in stage four. My oncologist has scheduled me for chemotherapy and radiation in order to help in shrinking the original tumor and lymph node metastasis, but what we haven’t discussed still is will it be necessary for me to have single or double mastectomy after this.

What scares me that he didn’t mention this option at all, so I’m thinking it already might be too late because I understand that in stage four cancer has spread everywhere, but I’m still trying to get some hope in this situation.


Hi Guest,

Stage 4 is invasive.  It's already spread past the breasts and into other tissues.  It could be in the bones or other organs. 

Chemo is the standard treatment.  The radiation can help shrink the primary tumor.

I URGE you to sit down with your oncologist and discuss this with him.  Be blunt and be PUSHY!  You are advocating for yourself here.  Remember too, it's OK to get another opinion. 

I really wish I had better advice.  Best of luck. 

NEVER give up hope either.  You may consider finding a support group as well.