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Breast cancer awareness is everywhere, and I am always seeing those pink ribbon things everywhere all the time. I realized that I have no real knowledge about breast cancer and what it means to have breast cancer at all, however. I don't know the answer to this, for instance. Can you tell me what the life expectancy is for triple negative breast cancer?


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Survivor chances in any cancer are not very good.. Doctors give their best in order to help patients get rid of this devious disease. The survivor depends also in what stage is the cancer. If the diagnosis of the cancer is done in the early stage the chance of survivor is much greater. Breast cancer is very dangerous for women and I know that triple negative breast cancer is typically treated with a combination of therapies such as surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Do you know anybody with this cancer? The treatment is not ease but there are always chances of the survivor. I hope this helped you a bit.


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