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I'm 19 years old, and for the past week my breasts have been really sensitive and nipples become erect at any time and stay this way for periods of time. I was supposed to start my period the first of the month and still have not started. Any suggestions?


I'm pretty much dealing with the same issues but I've been having irregular/abnormal periods the past 2 cycles. My last normal one,at least what's normal for me was end of March. Last 2 periods came late, was MUCH lighter, and light-brown instead of shades of red. The last one in June was only about 6 hours and actually I think it was spotting rather than period so really makes me think something is not right.


Right now I'm 2 weeks late. I was supposed to start the 4th/5th(I use apps and some say 4th, some say 5th). 

But yeah my nipples the past 2 months have been sensitive on & off. And my partner keeps asking me when he goes to touch them why they are "hard" and I really never know what to say. They will be hard when not cold or aroused and stay that way. 

I wish I could give you an answer but I don't know what's up with me either. 

I thought maybe pregnancy but haven't gotten around to testing as I really don't feel pregnant but some told me it's possible. Going to the doctor thursday so I figured although I'm late now, really no point in testing if I can get it done for free at the doctors right? Plus they can do a blood test that's more reliable. 

I also said if it's not pregnancy at least being at the doctor's already they can run further tests to see if maybe it's something else hormonal. 

I know regular hormonal imbalances from what I've been told and researched, can resemble pms symptoms and pregnancy symptoms. They can delay your periods.