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Please, I need help and/or advice.. I'm really suffering from all this... My boyfriend of 6 months (was best friends with him for a year before dating) broke up with me again (for the 4th time) this Sunday night. I'm so hurt... He's really been suffering from deppression, and suicidal thoughts and he's tried to commit suicide multiple times ( he tried this Monday after he broke up with me, and he says a part of him dies everytime he tries) I've begged him to get help but he refuses... Should I call the cops on him so he can get the help he needs? I can't stand by and watch him suffer anymore. He acts like he loves me, but then every one or two months leaves me and acts like he doesn't give a sh*t.. I love him more than anything and I can't bare to lose him.. I can't live without him... He said when he broke with me this time that he doesn't love me and that his love has faded along with every other positive emotion ( he said he didn't love me on a break up before this to but came back and claimed to love me still".. Do you think I have any hope of him coming back again this time..? Is there any hope of him getting better..?


Hi Rebekah,

I'm sorry he broke up with you.

YES!  Call the police if you think he's going to attempt to harm himself.  Don't ignore him telling you this - it may not be an idle threat.  

He needs treatment.  

Whether he comes back to you is up to him and you.  Maybe once he gets some treatment for his depression he'll understand that you care about him.

I just can't stress enough, you need to tell the police and get him some help - or he may never come back to anyone again.