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My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 months. I have never been as in love with any other guy as him. I truely feel that he is the "one" And he feels the same. We cherished eachother, loved eachother to death. He was so supportive and sensitive with me. I am his 1st love and his 1st for everything, even going past kissing. He was a recluse without me and he says he doesn't know where he would be.

Last night though, I got really emotional and upset. We had gotten promise rings at Zales that morning. Because of my depo, my moods have been very high strung. He was comforting me and putting our rings together saying how strong our love was. I got really upset and threatned to break up with him twice, of course not meaning it. And when he came back to my house after bringing me some stuff I left he was crying and said we had to break up. I spent 20 minutes convincing, and he was sobbing in my arms before too long. Asking if I would always be with him and to hold him, how much he loved me and he would never do anything liek that to scare me again. He was going to have a huge talk with his parents this morning. It's his birthday btw. I call him at 5 am not able to sleep and hes calling me baby and hushing me to go to sleep, telling me not to stress or worry, that he loves me and were together and we will never break up.

But this morning I call him, and he says we have to take a break for atleast a week. He says I need time to grow up and change and work on getting my liscense and getting a job etc. He says its for me. He's NEVER said anything like that to me. EVER. He's always been soo sweet. This is the guy that would cry when I was crying over stupid sh*t.

His parents let him have it this morning. 1st they were extremly pissed that he was supposed to be saving $2000 for college and had spent all but $150 on us. Then he said he had made me his world, isolated his friends and family and was doing everything to please me and make me happy, and that we couldn't stay the night at eachothers houses anymore until college starts. He has allergies, and I have a dog, but he had never brought up that he was having problems even when I asked, and now apparantly he has an infection.

When he said we needed a break he said some hurtful things to me. Stuff he never said before. And he said he truely loves me and that is a fact, and he hopes we get back together soon.

What am I to do? I love him, he is my everything. And it hurts so bad at the thought of loosing him forever. Other then a starbucks drink I havent eaten anything, and I can't stop crying. This is the one thing I never thought could happen. He's far too sensitive for that. I know he loves me.

What can I do?


If he's allergic to dogs and you have one and he's at your house a lot and he's never complained, well, that's a sure sign that he has some strong feelings for you. You guys should talk it out, and see where that goes. I wish you best of luck. Hope this helps. :-)