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My fiance is 24 years old . He has been experiencing "Skipped heartbeats
" For about 4-5 days now. He only gets them when he stands up or when he is walking, i used a stethascope on his chest when he was having an episode. In order to explain myself more, think about counting at a normal pace. 1...2...3...4.........6...7...8 In other words, it sounded like a noral beat at first but then it skipped a beat for a second and then after it skipped a beat it came back with a LOUDER beat and went back to normal for a few more beats for a few seconds and then it would skip another beat and come back again with a louder beat etc... He has a history of palpitations in the past, but he said they are nothing like what he has been feeling lately because he is getting these skipped beats in bursts ( 10-20 in a 2-3 minute timeframe ) and he also said he experiences moderate chest pain for a split second when the heart skips a beat.. He said that he used to get palpitations maybe once or twice a day he would get an extra beat or a skipped beat. He went to the cardiologist about this about 1 year ago and they did an echo/ekg/bloodwork. Everything back then was fine except for 2 MINOR leaking heart valves that the DR said was very common and it was nothing to worry about. I brought him to the E.R. 2 days ago and they did an ekg, bloodwork , a chest xray , and they put him on a heart monitor. During his time in the hospital, he did not experience any skipped beats or anything and the E.R. DR. said that they didnt find anything wrong. He has an appointment with his cardiologist in a week. I would like to have some outside input from other doctors or other patients experiencing the same problems before we go and talk with his cardiologist. Does anyone have any idea on what is going on with him? Any input would be greatly apprechiated..



Please look into Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). Message me if you have questions.

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