There have been times when he hits rock bottom and gives up for a while, my mum helps him get back on his feet. And then as soon as things start to look up he begins all over again. He's 26, living at home with my mum, right now he has a job in a kitchen but as he's smoking weed again he will loose his job soon... its happened countless times before. He really can't function on it. He's horrid to my mum, really nasty. But she knows if she throws him out he will loose his job and she'll end up taking him back, and the whole thing will start all over. He's just blinded, nothing matters but weed. He doesn't care about any thing as long as he gets his fix. He breaks things, has no control over temper.. We've tried every thing over the last ten years. Throwing him out, councelling for him and us, NA, moveing him out.. and its all come right back to where it started.Any advice would be so appreciated, i'm really worried for my mum. She lost my dad last year and really doesn't need this from my brother. From a worried sister