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Hi. My relative is 26 yrs old. He's been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in July. He was on chemo treatment and radiation, because the cancer spread to his spine. He lives in US and his wish and goal for this year is to come and visit me and my family here in Dresden, in Germany. I spoke to him and He told me that he's feeling well and he would like to visit places he never visited before. The plane is apparenlty the only option (or prehaps ship, I don't know). However, we (his family and us) are concerned about him travelling so far away in his condition. I would like to ask if anyone had similar experience. Is flying with Stage four lung cancer risky? Also, I don't know anything how the healthcare system for foreign citizens here in Germany works. Just in case if we needed to seek medical attention. But, I'm mostly worried about flying. I've heard that people may catch various repiratory diseases on the plane. Is it true?


Hi Guest,

The best resource would be his doctors.

Traveling by air, he may have a problem due to the cabin altitude and need supplemental oxygen.  The air is also very dry, that may cause some discomfort.  Yes, it's common for respiratory illnesses to spread easily amongst air travelers.

There are insurance policies that he can purchase, in the US, that cover medical emergencies overseas.

I wish your relative the best and safest of travels.  Good for you for looking after him.

All the best.