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I am a little concerned. I just finished my normal period 3 days ago. My "norm" would be 5-7 days. I have never spotted between periods. Last night I noticed when I went to the bathroom, I saw some light brown on the toilet paper. Later it was there again. I made sure it was coming from there and not my urine. It is!! I put a panty liner on; it was not enough to soil the panty liner at all! This morning, same thing. Then I went and ran a few errands, and cam home and I needed to change my panty liner. It is not as much blood as would be in the beginning of menstrual cycle, but more like a day or so before it ends. I am really nervous about it. I don't think I am pregnant, and I took a home test, but think either way, it would be too early. O! And I have no other signs of a period. No cramps, no bloating, nothing!!!! I am a little irritable. (which I am not usually moody)I have noticed that. So has my husband. :$ And right now, I have a headache, but I am just stressed! I think!!!


I have a problem too.. My period is like 5-6 days(usually)  and this time it was only 3 days and on 4-th is only light brown spotting.. What is going on??