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So, I have something weird going on with my period and I wanted to find out if any ladies have had the same issue and/or know what it could be. First off, I normally have a 30-35 day cycle. But, last month my period came 8 days early. This month it's supposed to come on the 9th, which is in 2 days. But, I noticed some brown spotting on the 4th. It's been very light, not enough to even wear a panty liner and it's only visable when I wipe. So far it's lasted 3 days. I took a pregnancy test on the 5th (day after spotting started) and it was negative. I woke up today and thought that my period had finally came because it was definitely red and heavier. But, since I that first potty break when I noticed it, there has been nothing at all, not even spotting. I've read up on implantation bleeding, and I know I'm at risk for pregnancy so I took another test today and it was also negative. My period still isn't due for another 2 days, so I plan on testing again if I miss it or if this continues tomorrow. I just want to find out if there could be any other cause or if anyone else has experienced this. Please and thanks :)


I have the exact same problem, there is a chance of pregnancy for me as well but I am not late yet. It could just be normal discharge with older build up blood coming out as well... not sure really though! if someone could let me know what other things it might be that would be greatttt!