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Okay So Im 17 Years Old. I Had Unprotected Sex with My Boyfriend On Sept.21st 2012, Which Was Only Like Two Weeks Ago, He Came In Me A Few Times That I Know Of, & On the 23rd I Started Feeling Sick, Like I Would Have The Feeling Like Im About To Throw Up All The Time, Have Headaches, Extremely Tired, Im Always Sleeping Now, Well I thought it was way to early to have pregnancy symptoms, so i just started to think i was just maybe gettin sick, On The 25th I Had Very Very Light Bleeding, Only When I Wiped & Only For Like Two Hours, Then On October 7th 2012 I Wiped & Like A Very Light Pink Streak , Then When I Went Again It Was Like Brown When I Wiped, It Looks Like Its Like Stringy Brown Discharge , Or Maybe Thats Blood Too I Dont Know, I Was Having Like Clear Ah Lil Whitish Discharge, No Smell, I Just Dont Know, Its All Weird, My Period Comes Every 16th Of The Month, & It Comes Heavy, My Period Is Due Next Week & For The Past 3 Days I Been Having Brown When I Wipe & I Still Feel Terrible I NEVER wanna Get Up, So What Does All This Mean.! I Dont Know What To Think.!


That can just be dried blood, that comes to alot of females,as a pre-period symptom. If your still worried, get a pregnancy test,and, if it comes out positive, go to a doctor to get a better test done, to make sure.