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I cook in a kitchen, and someone was backing up, and ran into me, which sent me backwards in which I slammed up against the corner of one of the cooler doors. So it was door meets spinal cord, direct hit, it hurt, and I am pretty boney, so that doesn't help at all either.

It was sore for a day, but then a couple of days later I noticed that my arms feel numb, and I have weird twinges of burning pain in left shoulder area, and under my arm pit, and sometime when the pain hits in my shoulder, it hurts all the way around to my arm pit to the front chest area at the same time, and of course it is still sore where I backed into the door.

Is this a normal thing if you bump your spinal area against somthing? Or do I have something else to worry about?



I would not fool around or wait any longer if it is your spinal cord.

Make an appointment with your doctor or better get a neurologist to find out what is going on