Dear all,
I have done my share of suffering I have to admit to that. I had an ACD & F spinal diskectomy back in Feb.'06 and ever since then I have been in pain. It started in my right shoulder and arm muscle that was burning. I went back to the NS that did the surgery several times and never did I get an answer to why, but he did say that it was my C5. Well, I don't understand when the surgery was on my C5-C6 and how could that be. Does that mean he did something wrong and just left it at that?
I went to do the Epidural Steroid Inj. thing and the first two went fine and I actually was getting some relief. Enought to hug the doc and tell him that I was feeling so much better and thanked him. Well, the next one was awful. I heard the nurse say, "Why is he going thru her T's when all of her problems are in her C's?" I didn't think much of it 'cause I felt he knew what he was doing. Not now or when I jumped all over the table. I believe he struck my spinal cord. Reason being is that I never had problems w/my legs until that procedure was done. I was even immediately made numb while lying on the table. I told him that and asked what happened and he called it "Friction". I have done a lot of research on this and when u get hit in spinal cord or have procedures done like Myelogram or have an epidural when having a baby or have to have a blood patch done after having spinal tap headache for over a wk. Well, I have had all of those things done to me and it comes out to say that it causes something called..."Arachnoiditis"...not's like having terminal cancer(painful wise) and u just don't die. Sorry for saying that the way I did. I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. I can just imagine.
Well, ever since I had the numbness my legs have been giving me so much pain, especially behind my knees and now my muscles in my shin area are just disappearing. It is like they are rings forming(symetrically around my legs). It starts right under my knee area and it is so visible to the naked eye. People who have seen it and I am talking @ a friend of mine who does ultrasounds and xrays...told me that something is definately wrong and that I needed to find out what it was. If anyone has any clue to this please let me know.
I have experienced Edema bad in my feet and legs to where they would look like they were two or three times the normal size. I don't know the cause of that either. Well, they did say that my sed. rate was elevated...that means I have inflammation in my body. I have been so worried that something serious is wrong. Going to Ortho, Tues. and pray that he will get it. Pray 4 me too. I would appreciate it so much.
Take care all and always...GOD BLESS.. Karen