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About 2 weeks ago i woke up wid very bad bruises on my legs n sme were so big and bad that i could nt evn touch thm and i hve no idea hw i gt thm bt ad bad as sme of thm r i would hve knwed if i hit thm or smethng so i knw thts nt hw they gt there n my legs hve.been hurtn me so bad iam really scared cuz i dnt knw whts wrong with me please help me


Hello LaiCow,

Bruising while sleeping is not uncommon and occurs in areas that are pressed against the bed while you are sleeping.  This is usually a sign of urticaria (hives).  This type of pressure can cause bruising and possible what look like scratches that can generate hives or bruises.  What you need to do is keep your skin well moisturized, drink lots of fluids and take in citrus fruits.  Common causes of a pressure urticaria are birth control pills.  This can also happen with high blood pressure and clotting.  You could also have delicate spider veins contributing to this.  You may have a vitamin B12, folic acid, or Vitamin K deficiency.  Another possibility is deep vein thrombosis.  You really need to see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis and this can be serious.   Don't put this off.  It's very important.  I wish you the best of luck.