My wife feels that her left eye is bulging out since past one and a half year or so. She is feeling some kind of intraocular pressure. It is accompanied with severe pain somewhere in the interior of the eye. Also she always feels dizziness and often she is complaining of high BP and sudden surge in heart beats. She used to be very active before this started happening. She has consulted many doctors but all of them say that nothing is wrong and just don't think about the problem. But she is always complaining of unbearable pain.

She got CT scan done in the beginning which was normal. All tests regarding her Thyroid, Blood Sugar, Hemoglobin are normal.

It was lately when one of the doctor suggested her following medicines:


Betavert OD 24

Cerakul (flupenthixol hydrochloride)

...and some antidepressants

She found that these medicines are helping her. She has been on these medicines for past one month. It is now that Cerakul is banned in India and is no more available. So she is worried that what will happen now. 

I am afraid that she has become habitual of these medicines. I read about some side-effects of these medicines and hence don't want her to continue with them for long. 

Can someone suggest further course of action?