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Hi i had a rood canal treatment a wile ago and of course i felled better and left it like that, never put a crown on it. Well the filling fell off and i didn't do anything about it, kept eating normal. So now (about year later) a strange lump develop on the side of my toot, i figure food must got trapped inside my root canal and a ball develop on the side of my gum. Do you think is that what it is?



In my opinion you should’ve finished what you started with your tooth. The fact that you have a lump on the side of your tooth on your gums is telling me that you might have some sort of an infection under your tooth. It is strange that you don’t have any pain yet. However you can’t leave this alone because if this is infection you will only get worse. You need to see your dentist and see what can be done. You should also watch what you eat and drink. Avoid too hot or too cold meals and drinks. Have you had any blood coming from your gums or from the bump on the side of your tooth?