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since wednesday or thursday, i have noticed that my lower back gums have been swollen and tender, my left more than my right. i've read about it and think it might be gingivitis or an impacted wisdom tooth?? i have been brushing my teeth and flossing about 4 times a day. today is saturday and it feels a lot worse than it was before! i can't chew on my left side of my mouth, only my right. also, i can only eat soft foods. i cannot stick my tongue out all the way, or my mouth starts hurting. my jaw also hurts a bit. when i try to sing, it feels like my teeth are falling out.

i am kinda scared to go to the dentist, because the last time i have been was in like 4th grade. also i have crooked teeth so i'm scared that the dentist will laugh at me or something.


i was thinking that your problem was probably an impacted wisdom tooth like you frist stated until I read your last few statements. I am assuming you are an adult so it has been at least 10 years since your last dental vist or cleaning. Am I right? Anytime it has been that long there is a very good chance that you have periodontal disease caused by excess buildup of tartar below the gumline that causes an infection. This infection in turn causes bone loss. In the early stages there are no symptoms, but in advanced cases you may experience pain, bleeding gums, and swollen gums.
With the jaw pain, I am still leaning to an impacted wisdom tooth. But if that wisdom tooth has broken through the skin even a little bit, there is a possibility of a gum infection in that area. And since you say it is on both sides, it is more likely to be related to the gums.
IN either situation you need to see a dental professional for a thorough exam, x-rays and a cleaning before you can get a proper diagnosis.

Just a reminder to everyone:
People it doesn't matter how well you brush and floss at home- YOU NEED A PROFFESIONAL CLEANING EVERY SIX MONTHS!!!
You can not remove tartar at home and it can lead to losing the bone that holds the teeth, causing you to lose healthy teeth. All it takes is an hour every 3-6 months.
AND by the time you feel a cavity is already a large one most of the time. - YOU NEED AN EXAM WITH X-RAYS ONCE A YEAR AT LEAST!!!
If you catch them small with regular checkups it will save you money and save your teeth.

Hope I helped,
A concerned Dental Hygienist


My Gums Are Swollen, Red And Bleed Sometimes, And I Can Chew But It Hurts Alot!! What Could It Be?? Cause Im Thinking Gum Disease!! But I Hope Not