I went to the dentist with the worst, WORST tooth pain i've ever had, He said the root canal performed under the crown had reversed itself, thus causing pain. I asked if it's infected, he said no. they did xrays, he said "No infection, just a root canal which has recersed itself"....The next day, I wake up with my mouth swollen like a chipmunk with a mouth full of food. lifted my upper lip and saw a large, (I mean large) Pus pocket, Immediately (TRIED) draining it, It wouldn't pop, I even cut it open and NOTHING. Then I noticed it started draining from my gums, thus coming out onto my tooth, I threw up b/c I have a very weak stomach, It's been draining for 4 days...Not alot, just..well it seems like alot b/c I put a cotton tip on my tooth every minute or so and I see pus, so i'd say a good tablespoon or more a day. That doesn't sound normal.

Regardless, I don't have an endodontist appt for a month, the pain is gone (immedately following it draining, the pain went away) making me believe the pain was from the pressure the pus was causing.

What should i do in the mean time? i've been using salt0water rinses, taking pen VK 500mg, peroxide rinses, hot water rinses, And a little bottle i bought from the grocery, to help fight oral infections. It says to place several drops on the infected oral wound (or tooth, gum, ect) and set for 2-3 minutes and rinse.. It feels very relieving when i use it to ease soreness. But untill the pen Vk starts working, Should i keep doing this, or anything else I should try?