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Although I brush, Listerine and floss regularly, I was diagnosed with periodontal disease a year ago. The bottom-right side of my face swelled up. I went to the dentist and she put me on an antibiotic. She said that I needed my teeth planed and scaled. That’s when they pull your gum down, so they can get down under your teeth to clean out the particles that are in there. These particles cannot be flushed by just brushing. So, I did the planing and scaling, which besides the needle for numbness, doesn’t hurt. I woke a couple months later, with another infection and was put on an antibiotic. A couple of months later, I woke up with yet another infection. That’s when I decided to get my tooth yanked (second from last on bottom right). I had bone loss on that tooth and was fed up with the infections! But once again, I woke up with another infection a couple of months later,. This time the swelling was so massive, the right side of my face looked like the “Hunch Face Of Notre Dame”. Luckily, I was able to work from home that week until the antibiotics kicked in! I’m thinking, “Did they yank the wrong tooth?” Last Monday night (about six weeks later) my body broke out in hives. I didn’t know why because I didn’t eat anything different. I didn’t change soaps or anything. The next morning, I woke up and the right side of my face was swollen, but this time my upper lip was swollen. I’ve never experienced my lips being swolen--only the side of my face. So I called my dentist and she prescribed me antibiotics and told me to go see my doctor to get another planing and scaling. I asked her about the hives, and she said that you can get hives with infection. I’m thinking, “Why do I have to go through all this?” But, any ways, I went to go see my planing and scaling doctor who took an X-ray but did not do planing and scaling on my bottom-right tooth because he felt it was healthy. He said it could be two things. I need a root canal done on my bottom-right tooth, or I have a cyst next to my wisdom tooth (bottom-right--still below gum line), where both the cyst and wisdom tooth needs removed. There’s this black whole on the X-ray, between my bottom-right tooth and wisdom tooth, but he can’t tell if it’s a pocket or a cyst. So I have to see an endodontist next week to rule out a root canal and make sure I don’t have a cyst going on. I’m really at a loss. I’ve investigated both root canals and extraction of wisdom teeth. Neither one sound exciting. I know with extractions that you can get dry pockets, which are painful. I also know that if you’re a female, you should do the extraction between the 23rd – 28th day of menstrual cycle because of the clotting issue. I have a cyst-like thing on my bottom right gum line. It swells…discharges…goes down…comes back…repeat! It’s like I’m in an infinite loop! And nobody knows if it’s from my bottom-right tooth or my wisdom tooth. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Hope this might help someone out. If someone can help me out, I’d be greatly appreciated


hey girl. teeth just out right suck! i got some crazy sh*t going on right now also. it started about a 2 yrs ago. i had a tooth bothering me real bad so i decided to go have it puilled. i havent been to a dentist in 25 yrs. thats how much i hate them. anyway, i had to suck it up and go. kind of a long screwed up story but here it goes. i make an apptment to get tooth pulled. they decide i need a crown end clean my teeth. it was either 3 or 4 visits. ok now i have a crown....the whitest one they make by the way. they were sho cked how nice my teeth were for never going to the dentist. i said.... i hate you guys. dont never wanna see ya. anyway i gotta crown. then i have this issue with food getting stuck there all the time. so i buy a metal pick for the house and a bag of those plastic floss pic things for the car cause i wasnt about to go back to the dentist. about 6 months ago the same tooth bothering me again. ok. this time i gunna have it yanked. no more screwing around. i go to a different dentist because i think the first one screwed up. the new dentist say yes. too big of gap inbetween the crown and next tooth. caused a big pocket in my gums and now my jaw bone is deteryating right there. she think i need root canal. they make me appt with root canal lady. she say i dont need root canal. now they wanna cut my gums back.......what the hell.......i only wanted one tooth goin crazy.   been 2 years  now.still have the crown. dentist say if i have it yanked the pocket will heel.......hello.......yank it. its in the back not visible when i smile......anyway 2 years about 10 visits later still have tooth. still hyave problem. its gettin worse actually. one simple visit and a yank would have been good enough for me. sometimes i think its a money thing for these guys. bottom line....all dentists  suck.  now i have those white bumps on my gums. yuck