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A couple of days ago a lump formed on the right side of my gums on the outside of my teeth near my cheeks. I took a picture and wonder why my cheeks looks so swollen or huge and then i noticed my gums started to hurt a day later and was very painful that it kept me up at night from sleep. When i pressed on it, it seemed hollow or maybe there was liquid inside of it, it hurted but not too much. There used to be a teeth there but it came out and used to be a cavity. There hasnt been a tooth grown yet there since it fell out and im just wondering if this could be a sign of a gum disease, i think this has happened to me before where a lump form but usually it disappears within a few days. But this worries me because this is the first time it kept me from sleeping. I just dont want to experience this again. My main question is, could this be a sign of gum disease, and what can i do to prevent another lump from forming again.


i doubt it