Hello, so I've got this problem for about a year or so and finally decided to talk about it. I didn't mind it at first, it hasn't gotten any worse, but still...

I have this burning sensation while peeing. It's like something is blocking the urine or is travelling with it, I have to squeeze (like how you would milk a cow) to get the substance out - sometimes it's liquid-y and sometimes is more thick. This occurs mostly after ejaculation and I always have thought that it's a non-ejaculated semen or something. Sometimes it's transparent and sometimes more to white. I've had unprotected sex, but with someone who I really trust (this isn't much of a safe factor, isn't it :D), but I don't recall if this happened after I've had it.

Still, it can be pretty annoying and painful (only while I'm peeing). And one thing that might help you conclude what it is, is that when it dries out, it gets totally white like white paint for walls. So many times I had to go the WC for thr second time to clean my pants with water because of the white noticeable drops. We have an outside toilet in my home and sometimes when I go I notice the cement floor to be covered in white paint... Or so does it looks like, like my urine is alien rofl. I also have had kidney stones in the past and some serious kidney crisis, but I'm not sure if it has something to do with that.

Any tip would be really appreciated. I have to say that I'm in a different country and I can't go to the hospital, still can't learn the (czech) language. :))

Thank you! Cheers!