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i am experiencing severe pain while i am urinating... its inside penis, it will be severe pain when i start urinating and its take minutes to urinate then once the flow statrted then no pain then when its finishing the pain will start.there will be a feeling of incomplete... i had a kidny stone issue a couple of month before,thought this may be the same issue so i went to consult a doctor and he send me for a urine and blood test
result is like this
Blood routine
haemoglobine 13.6 gm%
poly 44%
lymph 44%
eosin 44%
Urine Routine
Albumin S.Trace
Urine sugar Nil
Pusscells/HPF 0-2

so after seeing the result doctor says this is not because of kidny stone and urinary infection since there is no pusscells and rbc in urine.
so why this pain while i am urinating???? there no chance for any sex related diseases.... the thing we are experience heavy summer over here its almost 38 to 40 at @day time..... is that can be a reason???? pls help :'(


Honestly, to me it just sounds like a Urinary Tract Infection. I am VERY prone to getting UTI's and what I use to get rid of the burning, etc. is something that you can get over the counter called AZO. It's WONDERFUL and it REALLY helps. You can tell the difference within two days. If you DO decide to at least TRY AZO, it will turn your urine a neon orange (I know it sounds kind of weird and funny) but that's normal, I promise.