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I'm a 17 year old girl, not sexually active. For the past 6 days, I've been feeling a burning sensation in my vagina AFTER and only after I pee. Sometimes it only lasts for a few seconds, sometimes it lasts a few minutes, then it goes away. I noticed that I get the urge to urinate(not a strong urge) some time after I urinate. I notice if I lay down on my side if I have that urge, it get's worse, and if I lay down on my belly, it's not that bad. I also noticed that if I squeeze my legs together, it sort of burns, or sometimes if I wipe, it burns a little. I notice that I feel this most at night, between 11 and 2, before I go to bed. It's not usually that bad during the day. I don't know how to describe this, but it sort of feels like my vagina is weak...I also noticed that I am going to the bathroom differently. I am going once when I wake up in the morning, I empty my bladder. Sometimes during the day, I go to the bathroom, then a half an hour later, I have to go again, but I don't urinate a hell of a lot. This happens to me at night. But, I don't wake up in the middle of the night to urinate, I sleep straight through.

I got those AZO UTI test strips from my local CVS, the ones that the doctors use. I took all 3 tests that it came with, and every single test says that I am negative for a UTI, for nitrites and white blood cells. The feeling that I am getting isn't getting worse, but it isn't getting better. Could I have somehow scratched myself in there by accident? I heard from people who've had a UTI, that after 3 days they had a Kidney Infection, I have no signs of that. My urine is a normal color and smell, not cloudy or bloody. I have no flank pains, no fever. My mom is a nurse and she said that I don't have a UTI, but the feelings that I have are getting annoying.

Could this be cystitis? By the way, I am not in excruciating pain, hardly any pain at all, it's just really annoying. Do I have to go to the doctor? I hate going to the doctor!


I have been having the same exact problem!