I get this buring sensation at the tip of my penis. I cant urinate properly as it dribbles and have a weak urine flow. I feel like urinating throughout the day but only go to the washroom after every couple of hours just to train my bladder and resist the burning sensation as the bladder fills. After urinating the burning gets even worse and my anus starts burning as well. I have been tested for STDs and urninary tract infection and everything came out clear. I have had cystoscopy too and nothing came out in that as well. I have had this weak urine flow and dribbling for three years now and I have seen many doctors and urologist but they have told me nothing is wrong. In the past month it has gotten worse with this burning sensation that I didnt have when this problem started. It is getting worse by the day. I dont know wat to do as it has completed messed up my life and there is not even a single day I can go without having to go through this suffering. Please help me as I dont know wats wrong with me. It is giving me serious mental stress and I have given up on doctors too. The burning is usually really bad in the morning and during the day but gets better at night. Please help.