Been having this problem for 8 weeks. Initially was worried that I was dribbling after I go to the loo - just a spot or two on my pants after going to the toilet.not so worried about that now just don't think I ever noticed it before. That's not got worse at all.

However, two weeks after noticing, I started to get a slight burning sensation at the tip of my penis. Went to the doctor and was given thrush cream. No benefit really, stopped for a little bit but came back. 

Saw a second doctor almost three weeks ago - did a prostate exam, was clear. Tested nerves around back package and legs and was normal. Did urine culture and again this was clear. Improved for a little but since then the nature of the tingling has not got better nor worse since then. It's is very inconsistent. Sometimes I'll go through the day, no tingling and then get it towards the evening..sometimes it will be there most of the day. Sometimes it's this burning tingling at the tip. Soemtimes it's a feeling of being wet at the end of my penis (when i look I'm bone dry). Other times it feels like pressure building up on the head of the penis. Sometimes it's a brusie type feeling in the shaft. Sometimes it's just mildly annoying and other times it will make me want to go to the toilet. Most of the time its on its own and other times it comes with lower back pain (very rarely! Mainly when ive been standing) and even this pain shifts around...in the flanks and then sometimes it's in the middle..again no consistency. Sometimes ill get a build up behind the penis and feel it in my back...other times not at all.

It do seem to build up during  the day  but then some evenings I won't feel it at all. Sometimes it last for hours after I pee and other times I'll go from a wee and feel nothing. 

I've not been getting up to pee at night and when I wake up i dont need to rush to the bathroom. In fact in the morning I rarely feel any symptoms at all. ll go to the toilet nothing wierd - mostly good flow, mostly (except when the tingling has convinced me to go when I haven't needed to, flows weak but that's cause there is barely anything there) can start and stop it when i wantm Occasionally Ive waited and a little more has come out.. most of the time i feel I'm empty and I dont feel  the need to go to go back to the loo. But again occasionally I get this pressure on my penis about an hour later bad it feels like I need to go. No urge incontenance either.

The only other wierd thing is ....and this happened twice once in bath and once on the loo I'll have a wee (dont judge we all do it), do my business... and felt the need to keep squeezing. So I'll have a squeeze a litte...and a shot of wee will come out.....and then 10 seconds later feel the need to squeeze again, and another shot comes out....and then squeeze again, and again about 6 times.. almost like my bladder is in spasm, and everytime these shots of urine will always come out. Only happened twice but really freaked my out. 

Any one had anything similar? I've always been anxious and it's certainly worse when I'm anxious..it's getting iridiclous now as when I don't have the tingling I am worried and curious  about not having it and find myself thinking "why is there no tingling there?!" It's so frustrating.