Every month I constantly feel the need to urinate. When I need to urinate I will go but once I have gone I will need to go again and again but when I do go again it is only a drop that comes out. I have had this problem mainly all of my life and now because I am 16 years old it is really affecting my social life. When I was younger I did have a burning and stinging sensation when I urinated but as I have become older this has stopped. However, when I am not urinating I will sometimes have the burning and stinging sensation which can make me feel very uncomfortable, especially if I am in a public. Most of you will think that I have a UTI but all through my life I have had ultrasounds, swabs, and urine samples done which have all come back negative. I also experience bad stomach(bladder) pains when I constantly feel the need to urinate, I do believe that my period does bring on my problem as before, during and a few days after my period it gets a lot worse. I have made several doctors appointments and they have said for me to take urine samples which I now feel like that isn't good enough as it is getting me no where. I have been prescribed tablets which are called fesoterodine fumarate. These tablets are to retrain my bladder but they are not doing the job. I am just wondering if anyone else experiences this? I am now giving up and I am getting very emotional as I feel as if no one can help me. This is not a UTI and my kidneys and bladder have all been checked out which are also fine. The doctors have also said that my bladder empties itself fine. Please help me out.