Hello everyone 

My name is paul and I've suffered from kidney stones all my life since my 20's

I'm now 49 and I had a 9 mm stone 

I needed surgery and they used a cystoscopy laser in my ureter

When I woke up from surgery I was like thank you lord I'm still here lol

I went home with a ureter stent

Alittle pain urinating for the first 3 days or so then got better

A week after the surgery I went back to my urologist for the removal of the stent

Nurse comes in with a syringe filled with anesthetic gel she squeezed into my manhood urethra

She put a clamp on my head so nothing leaked out and as she was leaving said the doctor will be in 5 minutes 

I felt like omg here goes nothing

I told him to wait a couple more minutes to make sure I was completely numb

He did and he put the scope down my urethra with nurse in the room

He tell her tighten now then doctor pulls like he was starting a lawnmower I'm like wtf

They missed

The stent wasn't on the cystoscope

I'm like wow is it done

He replied no we missed

We have to go back in

This time the got it

Thank you Jesus I said

So I was fine after 2 days flow was good pain was minimal

11 days after my stent removal I had burning in my bladder

Then to my urethra

Doctor did a uti test which was negative

Later that week I told him my urine flow and pain is not right

He said you probably have a fragment of the stone we broke up making its way out

He ordered a catscan and did a sonogram both showing everything normal

I'm like doctor I can't per right

Plus I have to go to bathroom every minute

Only 1oz would come out if I'm lucky

The sensation of having to go to the bathroom has a new meaning for me now

I had to go so bad feeling was with my for days

Then on the 6th day after all this saga

I woke up at 4 am and I went originally only for a few seconds then something happened it came out really slowly but I was able to go for a minute straight with a slow flow

Now it's better that at least I can void

Only 2oz to 6oz

It's 23 days after my stent was removed

And I'm feeling the pain only in my urethra

So I don't have the feeling of urgency anymore so that pain is gone now but flow issues still remain

Last night I went to bathroom this time was the first time I went where my bladder released then stopped then I went again

6 times on one bathroom trip

Only 4 oz combined came out

My doctor says catscan is fine

We will need to go in and look again with the scope

I'm like no I'm too soar inside my urethra

I know my body it has to heal first

He said well then call me when your ready

My uncle is a retired md and he told my insides are beat up

Give it time to heal if it is a stricture the scope will make it worse where you need another surgery to remove the strictures by using a metal tube to expand my urethra by stretching the insides

I never signed up for all this so I'm not going back for that scope

I believe when dr pulled on the stent like he was starting a lawnmower ruined my life

I brought easy flow tea on Amazon and D mannose and I'm also taking aloe juice twice a day

Please someone tell me something that can help here

I also have my testicles going up on into my body

Please tell me you guys had some salvation

I'm so upset I did this surgery

But doctor told me even though I wasn't in pain it could harm my kidney function and kidney could die

Too late now I did the surgery and here I am

This is a tragedy

I really don't want a cystoscope and that has been requested by doctor if I'm still in pain

For now I'm praying and hoping this gets better on it's own

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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