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I will start by saying I am now 18, and I have suffered with these symptoms since the age of 13.
Like all of you, first thought; masturbation? STD's? Infections?
The symptoms are caused by irritation, and I have found my solution.
In most Cheap drinks such as diet drinks, any drinks with "Sugar Free" on the bottle,
contain a sugar replacement, an artificial sweetener, this is named "Sucralose" <- This is the important one.
Their are other ones like "Aspartame" but I find these ones not to cause any problems.
I found out that Only when I drink anything with "Sucralose" in do I get these symptoms...
I have tested it also, I went months without drinks with Sucralose in, and had NO symptoms at all...
Just had to make sure so drank some drink with Sucralose in, and what do you know? I get a burning penis again... 
I post this now because I figured the answer out ages ago, literally 10 minutes ago I had some 
sneaky Diet Coke, boy did I pay for it, But, it reminded me to post this!
Please, anyone with the same symptoms, try this solution and LET ME KNOW if this works for you!
Goodluck with everything, Hope this helps!, Josh. 



Often UTI's are caused by caffeinated drinks because it can cause the body to become dehydrated. This can irritate your urinary tract, increasing your risk of a urinary tract infection by preventing the natural flushing of fluids through the body.

Sugars can also be the cause, especially if you have a chronic infection. Sugar helps in the rapid production of bacteria, which promotes infections. Avoid any concentrated sweets including table sugar, honey and syrups. Deserts, baked goods and soda are also obvious sources of sugar to be avoided. Some not-so-obvious sources are sweet fruits and fruit juices, which can contain high concentrations of natural sugars.

Hopes this helps!