SO, I've had these red bumps on my chin since about May (when the weather started warming up). I have no clue what they are. They started showing up about two years ago and during the wintertime they mysteriously go away. I wash my face with Noxzema cream (in the round container) once or twice a day. My skin is normal.

Right now, in the picture, you can see the bumps. The skin is not dry or flaky because, well, I exfoliated it off in the shower. I was sick of having the flakes but sadly, the flakes hide the red bumps half the time. It may be a little more red just from my exfoliating (with a washcloth, by the way, in a circular motion).

In a few days I suspect it will be dry and flaky again for no reason while the rest of my face is normal. I am going to try to avoid going to see a dermatologist just because I'm in college and have no money.

If it's just some red bumps that will eventually go away, I would be happy, but this seems to be some sort of infection that needs to be dealt with through other means. My mother suggested I try peroxide but I think that would just leave scars.

These little red bumps aren't sore and they don't get any bigger. When I exfoliated today, they did leak a tiny bit of clear liquid. When I say tiny, I mean perhaps the size of a "."

My only thing I can try is to drink more water (I already drink at least a large glass a day) and try to eat nothing but veggies for a few days. I am highly certain it is not my nutrition.

Perhaps I need a more sensitive face wash? Noxzema is already pretty tame. I can pat the Noxzema on and not even use my fingers, I suppose.

I don't know what is going on with my chin but I'm sick of it and I'm about to fork over money I don't have just to find out what the hell is wrong with my skin. Normally my skin is perfect and I am thankful for it but these red bumps are just infuriating me and pissing me off. I can't go into interviews looking like a teenager.