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Well my gf just came back from the doctor and she had a yeast infection but we havent had sex in like a month and a half/ so i wasnt worried at first but now im starting to feel a little funny. I pee like all the time now and it doesnt hurt to pee but it its like a burning sensation sometimes but not all the time. I think its wierd to pee then like 5 mins later you have to pee again but its not that much and it has a a slight tingle to it ..



Well yeast infection doesn’t have to be caused just by sex. This is a fungal infection and if she had yeast infection earlier in life she can get it again. Now there is a chance that you got the infection during your earlier sexual intercourse and your body’s immune system was fighting it. But now it can’t do it no more and the yeast infection is beginning to give you problems. Not the good thing here is that this is treatable and you don’t need to worry about this too much. However I would advise that you stop any sexual activities and wait until your problem is gone. If this burning sensation gets any worse go an see a doctor.