just one week ago i was at a party and i ended up intoxicated and hooking up with someone i didn't know. i remember everything that happened, and i know that i did not have vaginal sex (i've never done that before). the guy that i was with though has had sex before, which worries me because i have noticed a very small but painful and open sore that popped up suddenly today. anyways, the guy and i did have oral sex (and our genitals did touch at somepoint), it was my first time getting eaten out, and during it it started to hurt and i felt like he was biting me/sucking WAY too hard. i went to the bathroom afterwards and it was VERY painful to urinate. i thought it would go away but all week i have been in severe pain and sometimes i feel like it gets worse. it hurts to walk and even sit down, and not to mention it still killlls when i go to the bathroom and i have trouble wiping because of the pain. i finally checked it out with a mirror and my labias are very red and swollen still, and they look kind of splotchy. i had been too afraid to tell my mom, but i finally said something to her today but not about why i think it is. all of the symptoms i have, however, are symptoms of other things like bartholim gland infections and yeast infections; so i am worried and confused as to whether this is a result of my actions last week or if this is just weird timing for something else to show up. PLEASE help, i have an appointment with the gyno but i need some other advice quick