so i recently downloaded one of those sleep apps because i’ve been dealing with some really annoying  insomnia and night time awakenings  for almost a year now. it has a feature where it picks up audio and every night i’ve used it it picks up about 3-5 30 second clips of me moving around a lot and almost like twitchy sounds like i’m not sure how to explain them without posting the audio. i’ll also make very weird sounds like clicking or popping but altogether the recordings sound very different from the others the app picks up. i’m not sure if i trust it about the sleep stages it records me in as i’m not wearing a wristband or anything connected to the app but they seem to occur either in deep sleep or rem (also based on the app it seems like i’m getting very little rem sleep around 4-10% a night which might be normal i don’t know) im not really concerned about it but i just wanted to know if movement like that is common and normal as i’ve requested sleep studies multiple times but since i’ve never fit into the narcoleptic or sleep apnea symptoms the  sleep specialist i’ve been to did not recommend it.