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Hi my name is Gil and I suspect that my daughter may be a chronic sufferer of this but we cannot find any photos to compare it to! Could you please either post photos of this symptom (in the mouth picture) or e-mail them to us. Thank you in advance.

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Hi Gaspar,

Calculi or tonsilloliths refer to the tonsil stones that then to get complicated over time. They are clusters of calcified material and will occur in palatine tonsils and lingual tonsils. The thing is that they can vary in size but mostly they are white in color. I’ll give you some symptoms of tonsil stones, rather than pictures (you can find pictures on with search engine). The thing is that tonsil stones occur mostly in adults rather in children. Bad breath is one symptom, than you may notice swallowing in the tonsils or metallic taste in mouth and even choking. Problem may occur when you don’t have any of these symptoms but still tonsil stones are presented.