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Hi, ive been really worried about my symptoms for the past few months, I havent had a period for almost 10 months except in December I had like a brown period/discharge for about 3 days and was very light. I had an ultrasound scan and they found a small simple cyst on my right ovary and the doctor said they werent worried about that, and I had blood tests but everything was fine, I constantly feel sick mostly at night time and I occassionaly be sick. I get a lot of indigestion and have some over the counter tablets to help it. I have frequent bowel movements and I seem to get full quite quickly.. Obviously being a young girl in college, I want to know what this is so I can stop worrying and im searching it up on the internet like most people do, it says it could be OC or IBS as my bowels do disrupt me in college so I have to come home to go toilet in breaks, I just please need a second opinion? I have an appointment with a gynecologist In 2 weeks, shall I tell them all this? I dont want to be made out as a hypochondriac as im just worried:(


Hi Leah,

It's unlikely that you have ovarian cancer at 17.  Cysts on the ovaries are also VERY common and often are not a concern.

Do see your gynecologist and do tell them EVERYTHING.  You are not a hypochondriac, just concerned about your health.  If you find it easier to put things in writing before you see your doctor, do so.

Just an FYI, frequently taking OTC medications CAN CAUSE you to have bowel problems.  Your body becomes used to them.

Periods can often be irregular in your teens.  Expect some blood work to check your hormone levels to rule that out - it is a common cause.  Often birth control pills are used to help regulate your cycle, depending upon what they find.

Hope it helps.