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I posted last week that I had enough and it took me being 2 months behind on my mort. and being miserablewhen I had a couple hundred thou a short few yrs ago to realize I was at the I decided that was it and I wanted to kick this demon in his I tapered down from 3 80mgs of Oxys per day to just subx about 8mg down to .5 mg of subx within like 3 weeks then totally gave it up..all I can say is torture/misery..evrything hurt cudnt get comfy runny nose depressed cudnt concentrate ZERO energy sharp pains cold then sweating diarrea like crazy and prob worst of all even after startin to feel somewhat better the final hurdle is you CANNOT sleep WOW how annoying the twitches and creepy crawly feeling just as ur about to fall out and the demon says NO NO NO ur not leaving me and these words do no justice to the extent of the misery...BUT.....I am now 6 days with nothing and just today I feeling good..still only slept like 4 hrs last nite after rollin arnd for like 4 hrs but during the day now I feel great..prob will still twitch tonite some but what can I expect from abusing myself for the last 7 fix it with a month or so of determination and torture is well worth matter how much IT calls you every sober day gets better & better. I realize the mental works starts now and the temptations will be there for a while but when you REALLLY WANT IT not even a blood sucking demon can stop you! So I just wanted to share this with all of you so you know there is of luck all! God bless you all..there is a higher being that wants more for you!! AMEN -R J

This is what I did & dont rush it!
Tapered down to dust of a subx prob .5 mg in like 2-3 weeks
then stopped totally this is where the real challenge begins
advil galore
Valerian root & Melatonin from GNC to help sleep which provides little comfort but helps a little
full blown detox kit from GNC as well for a week
bananas galore at bedtime(potasium for the twitching)similar little relief but better than not eating them
tons of water
litterally dragged myself to the gym on treadmill for whatever i cud handle then steamroom to sweat like a maniac
3 multi vitamins a day
GABA from GNC as well..helps the brain & mood
and lots of prayers!
There is no easy way that I kno of & I looked believe me..the only ONE thing that works is subx or opiates which u cannot use by any means because u are just setting urself back a day or 2. Good luck you can do it..I did & Im human as well :-)


Im here Rootin for you to Continue to stay off the Oxy. I have lost several Good Friends to Oxy Cotton and my 20 Year old sister has been addicted to it for probably 3 years and its Very upsetting to my whole family and we worry about getting the call that she was doing OC and drinking and keeled over or somethin like you hear about on the news every 3 months No Joke her friend Josh that i had met several times and even shared a bowl of nugget with a few months prior to his death Died from Oxy Cotton and Drinking Im pretty sure he was younger then me and Im only 21. Four of my good Friends that i use to Kick it with and puff with everyday started Doing Cocaine out of no were one day and all got really addicted to it. They tried to get me to do it with them all the time and i personally really like smoking a lot of Marijuana so i would only do it occasionaly once or twice a week. Once they were sick of the Cocaine after about a year they moved onto Oxy Cotton. I always had a thing about Sniffing Pills and i had a feeling the it would be bad. To sum it up i see 2 of my old freinds Mitch and Brett couple times a week and there almost always faded on OC , How do i know this? Cuz im not a slow and them telling me that there stoned off some weed isnt fooling me when im the the one whos stoned its pretty obvious that there on OC when there falling asleep and talkin all slow and like there Zombies. So these 2 freinds of my 4 freinds that do OC talk about how our good friend Nathaniel got sent away to Rehab across the Country because he was addicted to Oxy Cotton and he was really bad with it and there not nearly as bad as Nathaniel was. When in reality there worse then Nathaniel was because the 3 of them did it together everyday and now Nathaniels the clean one and there the Two bums droolin on themselves. 3 of these guys have good Educations and 2 out of the 3 were working as Electricians and were fired from there $20.00 an hour jobs at 22years old because they couldnt get off Oxy Cotton. My other friend who cant quit OC was a welder making $24.00 at a really nice place and was fired for failing a piss test for OC and now lives at home again and works at a local gym making $9.00 an hour. The last and Final Friend of the 4 who does OC topped the Icing on the Cake for Friends whos lives went straight down the Crapper. My Friend Matt who was the closest friend of the 4 Addicted to pills, Grew up in a nice home with a nice family in a nice neighborhood went to school eveyday got B's played on the Soccer team had a million friends and banged more chicks then anyone i know went off to College became an Electrician by 21 had a nice ass apartment a G.F a car and Crotch Rocket all by the age 22. So we were good freinds and we stopped talking for about 6 months cuz both are lives got kinda hectic Work School ect. I go over to guys apartment and he sits there and sleeps half the time that im there and even pulls some shady stuff and try to steal a couple bowls from me. So i decided hey this guy is pretty messed up on OC now cuz weve been friends for what 5 years and hes trying to steal your herb now? And since when does dude invite you over to watch him take a nap? So i stopped talking to Him for about 2 months and one day i See him walking right past my House and im pretty shocked because he lives about 20 minutes away from me and hes walking around. I jump in my car pull up and ask Matt if he wants a ride. Dude gets in the car and tells me he wants me to drop him off on the North SIde of Milwaukee which is really bad and not some were a White kid wants to go alone. He also tells me that he no longer has an apartment or a car or a Bike or a G.f and now lives on the North Side? Tells me hes been robbed and beat up a few times by a couple of guys. As im sitting here listening to this i Take a look down and my Herb Pipe and go Im Happy I Stuck To Bud because my old friend of 5 years is now a crackhead and Doesnt even do OC anymore cuz now thats too exspensive so he lives on the North Side of Milwaukee so he can Be real close to the Heroin Dealers. This is a kid from the Suburbs and now look at him.

Oxy Cotton will Ruin many lives and i really hope that you can shake it and look back at that Life and say Im Happy I Got Away From That. I never really told people about how my 4 good freinds all got lost to Oxy Cotton but I think about whats happened to them all the time.