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I have been a heavy beer drinker for 30 years, recently cut back 2 a day MAX sometimes less about 5 days ago, and have noticed swelling in my ankles and feet. Was about 2 days after I cut back that I noticed the swelling, and has gotten steadilly worse.

Is this normal for alcohol withdrawal, and if so, how long do these symptoms last?

Thank you for your help in this matter.



hi lee,
as you say in your post if you have a history of drinking heavily then the swelling in your legs and feet ( peripheral oedema ) could quite easily be related to this rather than specifically the withdrawal. other conditions can cause swelling so it wuld be helpful to know if you have noticed any other symtoms in the past few weeks, however i do recommend you see your family doctor as any change in lifestyle especially when you are noticing changes like this are worth being checked out with some blood tests and they can also help you out with any other side effects you may begin to suffer from.