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Just for some context to how much I have been drinking. So I have been drinking heavily for about 4 years. First it started with drinking on weekends, Friday and Saturday evenings, about 5 drinks max and at least 5 drinks during one of the weekdays. Sometimes I would have a couple drinking days during the weekday.

Then I would gradually get to the point where I was drinking weekends and every other day, max 5 drinks. Sometimes more, but I would never exceed 6 or 7 drinks. Then at one point I was drinking everyday for about a month in 2011. It was then when I was experiencing a bit of shakiness and anxiety the following day. Then I cut back down to just weekends and a couple days during the week. I don't even know that last time I went a week without drinking, probably 2010 or something.

Since then It seems as if though drinking is becoming tougher on me in terms of the next day. I feel more depressed, anxious, Worrying about little things, on a few occasions i had panic attacks usually from going few drinking days in a row. emotionally dull, more grumpy, sometimes fatigue, more irritable, mood swings,. I have been researching what prolonged alcohol use does health wiseo.O, So for the last few months I have been thinking of taking a break.

Well the past month I have been in not so good situation, problems within the family so i have been drinking everyday about 6-7 drinks only in the evening, never during the day. And I think it was time to stop. So I did. I was a bit worried about withdrawal symptoms. So I was keeping an eye out for that.

I recently went 5 full days without one drop. The symptoms I felt were difficulty sleeping for about 3 days. Unable to fall asleep only falling asleep hours later, then waking up 5 times every hour. I had really weird dreams. I felt cravings during the evening and a little headache during the days I was sober. I never have headaches, so I am sure it was due to alcohol withdrawal. Other then that, I was surprised because I thought it would be worse. Then on the fifth night I decided to drink again, then drank a few days in a row after that. I am now on my second day without alcohol.

I read that withdrawal symptoms get worse every time you relapse. My question is if I start drinking then quit again for 5 days, will my withdrawal symptoms be worse?


I was a heavy drinker for a little over 10 years with short periods of time when I stopped.  Two things are at work with each period of not drinking and the associated withdrawal symptoms.  First, over time the amount you drink tends to increase which will ultimately increase withdrawal symptoms.  Second, your body is aging and organs are getting further damaged due to heavy drinking so increased withdrawal symptoms. 

My experience was that my withdrawal symptoms did not really get worse each time I quit which leads me to conclude my problem was more psychological than physical dependence on alcohol.  However, I can't discount the effects of the multitude of dietary supplements I have routinely taken even when heavily drinks and the fact that they likely reduced the severity of any withdrawal symptoms I had.  I also can't discount the effects of a healthy diet. 

So, whether or not your withdrawal symptoms will get worse with each quitting period depends on a lot of factors.  I think the severity of withdrawal symptoms are different for everyone.



Your response though posted a year ago is very helpful for me today perfectly. All others gave me little hope, well me being scared how much time I need off work