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can hay fever cause, blocked/stuffy throat, blocked nose and runny, poppy ears and a dry mouth please help me thank you:)8-| 


Hey Sinead

Hay fever urgh! Some years I've been lucky and it's not stopped by to plague me and others drives me to the point of wanting to poke my eyes out :'(  Hay fever is caused by the pollen count, in flowers, grass and some trees and bushes.  It can irritate various areas, some people only suffer one or two symptoms others many.   It causes you to release too much histamine, which is why the treatment is an 'anti histamine' 

*Nose symptoms can be runny, sneezing, sneezing fits, blocked nose .

*Throat symptoms can vary and this is the worst symptom for me, the back of my throat itches like crazy and I spend most of the day making annoying noises as I scratch it with my tongue.  This can extend to the inside of your mouth somewhat or cause slight thirst/dry mouth but is not a very common symptom as far as I'm aware

*Ears like the back of your throat can seem to itch inside and feel a bit blocked, due to all the congestion and mucus you have in your nose and throat.  Again you want to stick an ear bud in and give them a good scratch but it dosn't help much

*Eyes are a main symptom for most sufferers itching intensely especially in the inner corner next to your nose.  Like the throat and ears I spend many an hour pushing into the corners of my eyes trying to relieve the itch making it 100x worse no doubt! Eyes can also become watery streaming tears, and appear puffy.

It's very simple to treat a simple antihistamine tablet can be purchased over the counter, or if you only have the eye symptoms then eye drops are available, similarly for the nose a spray is available to relieve the symptoms.

I hope this helps<3