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Hello everyone! I've been having (probably) hay fever for around 5 or 6 years around June/the beginning of July. With every year it's getting worser and worser, but until now I really didn't care about it - I bought some OTC antihistamines and they worked fine. But this year...mildly... IT'S TERRIBLE! This new wave started 1 week ago and it's driving me crazy! I'm taking Aerius and one chomeopathics, but for now nothing works (In fact, I also had ear problems and my doctor told me to drink Claritine - I've got a ventilation tube in my right ear made from Ti/Pt alloy and my body is trying to push it out, but the pill's priority is to keep it there for maximum ammount of time possible).

OK, let me explain the symptoms. The first and most common one - runny and/or stuffy nose, sneezing, reddish eyes. The odd thing is that the symptoms are not present when I'm outside, at school, at the gym, hanging with friends, etc., but only when I'm at home! LOL!!! I don't have any medical experience, but this sounds like my home is full of allergens that I don't know. The mucus that is produced from my nose is a crystal-clear viscous liquid and it doesn't have a yellow or green tint. Last night I spotted something strange in one of the nostrils (because both nostrils rarely clog) - I took a flashlight and aimed at my nose and saw that there're 2 shellfish-like "doors" which were swollen and the airway was completely jammed.

I don't know what to do and I really need help - this can't continue! Tomorrow I'm vising my GP and probably she'll send me to allergist. 

P.S. The only nasal spray that helps me clear my nose is Afrin - it works every time I use it.


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