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I have this weird problem. About 4 months ago I had some cold-like infection. It has gone away, but since than I have constantly congested nose and problems with eyes and ears:
Most of the time I have blocked one of the nostrils and at the same time I have a weird feeling in one eye on the same side (feeling of pressure and strain). And I can transfer both these things (blocked nose and eye problems) to the other side, eg. by lying by one side. I also have "clogged" ears - they make a popping sound every time I swallow. Doctor told me I don't have bacterial infection and my sinuses are OK. Any ideas or similar experiences?



There are thing called nasal polyps, I don’t know have you discussed abbot them with your doctor, but this very common condition is one of the most often reasons for congested, runny nose. Nasal polyps can form both on nasal mucus membrane and inside your sinuses which are small cavities in your scull. They are basically benign overgrowths of mucosa that move and congest vital canals for air, for example.That is why they cause issues with nose, ears and eyes. I think you should talk to your doctor about this option if you already haven’t.


hi Daniel
hope u r feeling better now
my self sreeragh, m24
i am also experiencing this weird thing for past 1 year
doctors are prescribing nasal sprays and eye drops, which iam using continuously, but no improvement
how do u feel now, is there any tips u can give

thank u

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