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I am a 21 year old girl and have been having this anxiety disorder since the past 6 years i.e., since i was 15 year old. It started with my board exams when i felt severely anxious while studying for it. But that horrible experience continues. After that I've been feeling anxious every time i need to do something important. Studying has become a nightmare after that. I feel the anxiety when i'm i am going to do anything important or anything that i like doing (even reading a book). I've taken english medicines(alopathy) for almost 2 years on a doctor's prescription but they are very addictive and have a lot of side effects. Hence i discontinued it. But the problem of anxiety still remains. I really dont know what to do. So i wanted to ask if homeopathy can cure this altogether. I mean it should not be like I've to take it forever to be free from anxiety. I want to be completely cured of it. Can anyone let me know... please.


Hi MShupi,


I truely empathise with you- suffering with anxiety is a nightmare!


You have been very clear about how it started and it reads as if you have quite a bit of insight in to your own anxiety causes & triggers. You've said that it started when you were studying for exams & continues to plague you when you feel you have challenges ahead (ie.; "something important", "studying & reading".) I'm guessing you're an undergraduate? How far off are you from graduating? I ask because I think this is a major factor. The pressures of studying & getting to that ultimate goal (getting a good pass) are immense! I know this because I was there not very long ago & I'm now watching students going through it, so I'm seeing it from all angles.


The meds (the english meds) work for some, but not for all. If you are interested in other methods of relieving your anxiety, I would advise you on a few things.


*Plan your time. A part of your anxiety may be the expections you lay on yourself & the expectations that you think others have of you (eg, parents, educators, friends). Planning your time enables you to keep a check on the areas of your life that need attention- it also ensures that you have certain tasks done by certain times, so that you are not anxious about studying & meeting deadlines. Additionally, you can make sure that you are having YOU time- relaxation time where you can allow yourself not to think of deadlines, pressures, etc. When I was studying, I had a young child to work around. The first year was a very stressful, anxiety- ridden time; I was constantly juggling my time & when I did get time to do something I enjoyed, I would panic that I wasn't paying attention to the academics or my son. In the summer after my 1st year, I bought a massive wall planner & started planning everything- from time with friends to dinner & cleaning the house! I didn't always stick with it, but it was a brilliant help & did take away my anxiety with time.

Years later, I still plan my days. For me, it's become a useful tool in preventing my depression, as well as a way to settle my anxiety over certain issues.


*If you don't want to take chemical meds- natural ones, such as St John's Wart, Kalms & other natural meds are available over the counter of a chemist or sometimes, supermarkets. These are more subtle than chemical meds and may take some time to have an effect. Also check them before you take them- some interact with other medication.


*There is also the 'healthy way'; certain foods, such as camomile tea, corriander & (suprisingly, you can eat & drink it!), lavender. Plus aromatherapy (lavender, rose, etc/burners, bath scents, natural perfumes, etc) & herbal mouth sprays are other natural ways to help anxiety. The herb sprays are usually available from health food shops (tastes vile, but it does work!).


*Breathing exercises are another useful tactic. If you can, look this up on the internet. Breathing deep & in a certain pattern slows the heart rate. An increased heart rate is the anxiety 'signifier'- hence, you slow the heart rate & activity in the brain, signalling that you are having a panic attack, slows too.


*If you think you need to see a qualified therapist, consult your doctor & ask for CBT (cognitive-behavioural therapy). It has a good success rate for anxiety disorders.


Your anxiety may disappear, but it also may not. It may be something that, once you've learned to manage it, may only crop up once in a while when you're stressed. It's hard to predict with mental health.


I hope you find releief soon & good luck with your studies.


My best wishes.








hey Violet_Ivy

First of all thank u so much for all your insights. I'm really glad that you took out time to address my concern. And yes i was an undergraduate, but i completed my college last month and have to start my new job next week. The whole impact of the last 6 years has left me with a feeling of no-confidence-in-whatever-important-to-do. But I'm happy to tell u that I started the breathing exercises a while ago and I am feeling really better. I can make out the changes. I will continue it religiously so i can reap its much benefits.

I will surely try the aromatherapy that you've mentioned and also go get a herbal mouth spray. I'll also start planning my days systematically. I would do anything to get rid of the anxiety as I also have desires of doing my post graduation after a while and i don't want to experience the same nightmare while I'm studying again. If I'm able to do my post graduation anxiety-free then that will be the biggest achievement of my life. Till then i hope to cope up with my job.

Again thanks a lot


At your age, having sex can help because you may be sex deprived and it is medically proven that having sex releases happy hormones in the body.



u can try homeo pathy medicines..ths r very usefull too.
1.arsenicum album30
2.kali phos 6x.
u will be okay.
and always blv that u r very spcl.anixty or panic is nothing thy r only stay calm.and chck the prblms in u.
best of luck.


your retarded if you think that will help.