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Hi! I’m suffering from anxiety for few months. The symptoms usually improve little after consuming sweet drinks or chocolate. I started to think that maybe I have hypoglycemia. I’m wondering are there any connection between anxiety and blood sugar levels. Does anybody know could anxiety attacks be caused by hypoglycemia? Thanks!


Hello! I think that anxiety attacks are symptoms of a nutritional disorder. Maybe you will say that it is strange opinion, but I know that anxiety attacks can be caused by unstable blood sugar levels. I have that kind of problems. Definitely, certain biochemical imbalance in the brain can cause anxiety and it can be treated by drugs.


Hypoglycimia can difinitly cause anxiety and panic attacks. I had attacks and started a more balanced diet and they went away. The only time that they have returned was when my diet became poor and I did not regulate what I ate. google hypoglycimia and anixety together and you will get some education responses


Hi, I have hypogylemia, and they had diagnosed me for years as GAD, and then told me I was a hypocontriat. I'll fill you in breifly on my tale. When i started having panic attacks they told me it was Post tramatic stress. they seem to subside a bit but would always happen the car.. which i was always in 45 mins after i ate something. (on my way to work). They got worse and worse and i ended up losing two jobs because "it was all in my head" so they put me on cipralex, which after about 3 monthes seem to work. and it did, because cipralex interferes with blood sugar levels. it was preventing the extreme lows aka the panic attacks, but not the anxiety.
Eventually i decided i don;t want to take the meds anymore after being on then for 3 years and having no sex drive at all anymore.
and just one week after they started again.

So i went to my dr and told him, look, i am not stressed out, it has to be something else, so he tested for diabetes the a1c it came back 5.5. which is ok.
a week later i was at work and started shaking and turning blue, about 20 mins after eating fruit. one of my co workers who is diabetic convinced me to eat something and about 20 mins after that i felt fine, other then a huge headache that lasted several hours.
I went back to the hospital and told them my blood sugar was unstable. all they did was test it once, and tell me i was fine. I could barely walk i was so drained from the constantly changing blood sugar. I went back to my dr the next day. he gave me a glucometer , but otherwise was confident that i was fine.

in a two GTT here were my ranges(from my glucometer)
the dr;s only took blood at 5.6 and 6.6 which are normal results for an oral glucose test.

Just a note if you have anxiety your not mental, something is wrong in your system and your body is trying to tell you.
Any dr that thinks otherwise is missing the signs.

The originating cause in my case is a non-alcoholic fatty liver and acute kidney failure.
Hope this nightmare of a tale helps.