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If my title didn't say it all, I'm a mess.  Hi everyone, I am a 33 year old home schooling mother of three and wife to one. :)    About six months ago I had an 'episode' of rapid heart rate, shortness of breath and tightness in the chest that sent me to the ER -- I was told I was having an anxiety attack and sent home with instructions to see my Primary, who started me on some xaxax.  

All was well for a little while, I would get occasional spurts but would breath through them.  A couple months ago it happened again, but instead of the sudden onset of rapid heart rate, I felt like my heart did a complete stop and then went way too fast.  I took a xanax, thinking it was just another anixety attack, but it didn't help.  I felt like I was in a dark tunnel and things just didn't feel 'good'.  Another Er trip.  Another 'its anxiety'.  Fast forward to three weeks ago, repeat all of the above, add in can't breath lying down -- ( feels like my heart starts beating slower and s l o w e r and s    l    o    w    e    r.  Have sweet friends who bought me a recliner so I can sleep sitting up  --  not very fun.  )

But this time when I saw my primary after it she refered me to a cardiologist.   So now I've had a holter monitor (48 hours) test, an echogram and a stress test, with no results back except a verbal report that my heart looks strong.  (my appt for results is 5/28)   Ok, so yesterday I saw my primary because my bp was jumping from 167/125 to 110/66 and my pulse was going from 56-126 -- all within hours of each other and without meds, what not.  So she gives me a beta blocker, said some of my results show Tachycardia and this will help.  

But they are still sitting on my counter because today is one of the low bp/pulse days and I am so afraid of making it lower.  Add in the fact that I slept only a couple hours last night because I felt like my heart was having contractions -- yes, contractions, there is no other way to describe it.  It's as painful as having a child and something you feel will never pass and when it does all you can do is lay back and say thank you God.  Today pulse is steady, but very weak.  

I also have hypoglycimia AND low potassium with no apparant cause (I'm on a waiting list for an endoconlogist, appt in august)  Doc tried me on potassium supplements but they made me violently ill and sent my heart into rythms.  I feel like Im living on xanax (taking a total of about 1.5mg a day) to keep me calm through all this.  It keeps me calm, but doesn't stop the symptoms (which is why my title says when anxiety isn't anxiety)  Something is causing me to feel anxious -- so hard to deal with.  two weeks to see cardiologist feels like so far and some days I wonder, will I live to it?  

So sorry for the very long intial post -- just so overwhelming sometimes.   



Hello Heather,

even though is clear some of your tests show you are having heart rate and blood pressure problems it doesn't mean that your anxiety is contributing to worsening all of the symptoms you're experiencing. Most people who suffer from anxiety experience in some form or another situation with serious breathing problems or feelings that their heart is racing. That's why I think it's a good thing you're continuing with the cardiologist to try to eliminate any underlying cause, but you should also continue with your anxiety treatment,

Wish you all the best,





I'm going through the the same thing and I'm 35 whatever happned?
I had to wear monitor 2 weeks , ekg, multiple er visits and a ultrasound heart, multiple more EKG I'm on a beta blocker and they say to calm down .now when I get pain in arms or wrist I freak out I don't feel normal .