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i just got done with my period on sat. (the 13-17th was the days of my period) and today....the 19th I had some light spotting when wiping. Could this be implantation?


Lets imagine a woman witha 20 day peroid cycle.

periods have a stable phase and an unstable phace.

the stableperioid is always 14 days prior to the start of "bleeding". Counting back 14 days from the start of bleeding (in a hypothetical 20 day sycle) would mean you ovulated on day ...(20-14=6). Day 6 is ovulation day. So you started your peroid on day "one". Peroids last what?...3-5..7? days. Whendid you have sex? probably towards the end of the pleeding, when its thats maybe around day 4/5. Sperm lasts 3-5 and sometimes 7 days in body. So it seems there is a peroid of time (window of fertility) where a sperm and egg was in contact (eggs last 1 day +/1 one day on each side from the day of ovulation). So it really all depends on ur cycle...

28 day - 14 = day 14 ovulation. bleed day one 3-5---7 days takes you to day 7 . having sex on that day + 3-5---7 days takes you just outside the "danger zone."

Pregnancy is hard to carry out. you got the zyote formation, the traveling down to impant in uterine wall...etc... not the easiest task in the world..

DAmn i should have thorhougly read our qeustion. No, that is most likly not implntation. spotting is not uncommon during normal periods. It says nothing about implntation.

Here is how i would evaluate the situation. (keep in mind i'm a guy). You kept a log of when your peroids come and go right? Take the average "length". Subtract 14 days from the day of first bleeding..that was your "ovulation" day. Figure out when you had sex starrting from first day of bleeding. sperm lasts 3-5dyas sometimes 7 in body. egg lasts 1-3 days. see when they over lap to figure out if u should evenrelate the spotting to pregnenacy.

sorry about my horrible typing,i'm a little groggy so i'm not taking the effort to correct my type os.

hope that thelps :-D