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I need makeup tips. I dont know like anything. i dont know brushes or brands or blending. any tips on cheap makeup brands, good brushes, and good youtubers to watch and learn from?


If I could go back to my younger years and give my teen self any one makeup tip and no more, it would be this: make sure you use the CORRECT shade of foundation. My favorite foundation at the moment is so cheap and obscure that I will not even say what it is. Foundations, cheap or expensive, can be fantastic. The most important thing is that it is not either 10 shades lighter or 10 shades darker than your actual skin color!!! 

Undertone matters too. So walk into Shiseido or MAC or someplace for a consult and ask if you have a yellow or pink undertone. Then get a foundation that matches. 

Beauty Blenders are awesome. You can find out how to use one on YouTube. The finish is far superior than if you just use your fingers so do not skimp on that one!