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justt wondering... ccuz im reallllyy claustrophobic im a girl annd 15


Hey you. And just what, pray, does 'really claustrophobic' look like?

Being trapped in small spaces, unable to breathe, is a natural, primal fear. If you experience that, you're normal.

If you can't go into your parents' kitchen, house, or your school, because you're terrified the building's going to collapse, then we have an issue to discuss.

And since you haven't mentioned it once in all your other posts, and have presumably not been living wild, I think it's fair to suggest that you're entirely normal in this regard.

If you have information that suggests otherwise, of course, I'd be delighted to hear it.

And, it may have been a while since I pointed this out, so just as a reminder: if in doubt, check it out: go see your doctor!