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can sperm go through yoga pants and a thong?
i was with this guy and we were on the couch i'm not sure if he cummed or not but i'm pretty much freaking out right now. he fingered me really hard and he may have touched himself but through his boxers but i'm just wondering if it's possible to get pregnant if he fingered me through my yoga pants and my thong. please help ASAP!!!!!!!!


It's a sperm cell, not a commando (maybe that's where 'going commando' comes from?)

The sperm cell in question leaks (doesn't sound like you even know if he came) out of his penis, fights its way through a nylong jungle (his boxers) leaps a vast chasm to land safely on your yoga pants, fights its way through another nylon jungle, leaps another chasm to your knickers, fights through yet another jungle, leaps to your skin, where, even if it had survived so far, it probably lands on dry skin and shrivels up...

HOWEVER ... if by some miracle it survived so far, it is now in home territory, at last, your vagina. But it's still about a two thousand mile journey in sperm terms up the entire length of your vagina, through (if it can find it) your cervix, up the wall of the uterus, to finally (if it has any strength left) and ONLY if there happens to be an egg sitting back on the couch waiting, start to make out with egg, and MAYBE start a baby.

Most unwanted pregnancies happen because of unprotected sex - lady, your boyfriends sperm would be the Indiana Jones of sperm, up against the entire Nazi army to get you pregnant...

Nothing's impossible, but no reputable salesman could possible feel you needed condom in that situation.

Once you can provide a plausible scenario for penis-fluid (precum or ejaculation) to be in direct contact with your inner (moist, because it needs the moisture as a carrier) vagina, then you have a possible risk... but possible - no one would even recommend that as a good way to get pregnant if you wanted to.

To get to high risk (but out of millions of people, 1 in a 1000 is still 1000 people, so 'low' risk isn't 'no' risk), to get to high risk, you need a normal ejaculation, unprotected, inside your vagina. Medium risk is 'pulling out'. Low risk is 'going in in the first place'. By all of which time you'll own some condoms won't you, or have chosen alternate (pharmaceutical, approved) means of contraception.

For now, your fumble was safe, barring divine intervention, 'cos that's the only way you could pregnant off that story.


Thank you thank you. So am I just overreacting over nothing. ? Do u think I should still take a test?!


Yes, and here is the test (on the assumption you're over 18 - I would hate to get in trouble for inciting a minor) so:

if you are under 18, here is the test: take him in your arms, give him a hug and say 'do you love me?'

- if he says yes, wonderful
- if he says no, he's an id**t

... hell, you can guess an over 18 version, I'm sure

That's about the only test I seriously believe you should be thinking about (that and school tests).

You've been about as careful and responsible as any two young people can be, so relax, chill.

Sperm isn't a commando assault team - it appreciates a lift to the lady's (egg in uterus) couch, most helpfully by ejaculation right at the point the head of the penis touches your cervix, and that's a long way from your yoga pants. What's actually surprising is how many 'but I pulled out', 'I never came', 'it was just precum', 'it was our first time' pregnancies there are, but you do have to give the sperm a chance - get the head of the penis in essentially direct contact with a moist (for transport) vagina.

So no, your question wasn't silly, even though it did make me smile. It's rational and appropriate for a young woman to be concerned about such a big deal, but provided you do take proper precautions (contraception, not 'pull out'), millions of people have adult, concensual sex without incurring pregnancy. A very few of those people do experience pregnancy nevertheless, see the published failure rates for different types of contraception.

At the end of the day however, remember that what you're doing was intended by nature to be both pleasurable for you - so that you would do it - and to create babies - so the human race continues. So, we've cheated a little in grabbing the pleasure without the responsibliity. Don't be surprised if nature gets a little sneaky and tries to slip a baby past anyway - once a penis is inside a vagina, you've given nature a fair shot at a baby, regardless of what you're doing or taking - but responsible protection dramatically reduces the risk of pregnancy itself, and also (condoms) STDs.

Again, I think right now you are the last ones on nature's list for that. Way too difficult, more like a miracle...

... still, there was this guy, two thousand years ago ...

Take care, have fun, and relax - you've both been very responsible, as teens / young adults go!


thank you soo much. i think i just wanted to hear that it isn't possible. i'm kind of paranoid about this and i'm still really scared! you rlly don't think it's possible though? like i don't think sperm would be able to go through yoga pants but i dont knoww!
anyways, i've heard that sperm dies in the air but then i heard tht it can live outside the body for longer than half an hour or something. ugh


You know, I'm a mathematician. There is a finite, non-zero possibility, that a spaceship is going to land in your back garden right now and arrest you for failure to pay Omicron taxes. However, it is not a big possibility that I would worry about.

The chance of sperm getting through that lot is about the same.

... ok, let's try this another way: how to get pregnant in the scenario you suggest...

a) fondle him to orgasm until he starts dripping - and I mean visible dripping like cream from a dispenser, out of his boxers...

- depending on the material of his boxers, that might take 3, 5, 10, 20 orgasms

b) keep doing this until finally some of the sperm starts dripping onto your yoga pants

- now we're through barrier 1, and working on barrier 2

c) keep doing this some more until your yoga pants are thoroughly soaked, like you were caught in a rain storm, and they are
wet through in the crotch area, and you can finally feel the moisture of his sperm on your thighs ...

- that should take no more than, say, 50 orgasms or so

- now we're through barrier 2, working on barrier 3

d) keep pumping him, until not only his boxers, but your yoga pants, and your panties are soaked through

- knickers are thin, so this should take no more than another 10 or 20 orgasms

- keep going until you can clearly feel dampness (the sperm, not your arousal) from the sperm on your mons (mound) or pubic area

- now we're finally getting close to some sperm making their way to the promised land

e) keep pumping, and this is going to take a lot, because now we have to get the sperm drip, and I mean drip, until it finds away to the moisture that we hope is available in and around your vagina, because otherwise this sperm has seriously wasted its journey

- that should take no more than say, oh, another 25 orgasms, maybe 120 in total ...

... and finally, you have achieved sperm reaching the moisture that is still 2500km away from home (the uterus), but at least it can finally swim the rest of the way - at which point, if you put a single sperm at the entrance (outer lips of the vagina) and said - 'go baby go', I seriously would not give higher that UFO invasion odds for pregnancy even then, but hey, 125 orgasms later, maybe he's dripped enought to get through three barriers of clothing.

Of course:

a) finding a guy that's good for more than two or three is unusual, let alone 125
b) you can simulate this and test this yourself:

- get a McDonald's milkshake
- let the milkshake warm up (I mean, really, be nice)
- wear your yoga pants and panties
- ask him to wear his boxers
- have him lean over you so that the boxers are vertically above your yoga pants
- take the milkshake

(if you're not laughing by now, I mean this has got to be fun hasn't it? Could be a gameshow, but at least you'll learn scientifically about the likeihood of sperm making it that far!)

- using a spoon, or sucking a little (milkshake) into the straw, open his boxers and dribble (keep a straight face) the milkshake approximately where you would expect it to land if he ejaculated

- sit back and wait

- if no visible dribbling occurs, count and repeat
- when you finally get dripping, notice how far it penetrates the yoga pants
- note whether the panties remain dry
- repeat and count until you can finally feel the milkshake on your mons, dripping down, ready to finally make contact with the sea that leads to the promised land...

... if you get bored, toss the whole damn milkshake in his boxers, and see if that makes any difference

If you do manage to finally get milkshake through all those layers, you will have perhaps the first verified scientific record of the possible safety (or lack of) for yoga pant / knicker/ boxer inhibited pregnancy (and all you have achieved then is simply to leave some milkshake on the wrong side of the ocean - hardly a high-profile and recognised way to pregnancy).

Make a note of how many McDonald's regular milkshakes it takes - let's be scientific about this - and calculate the approximate volume of one of his orgasms, and divide it into the volue of the milkshake, and you will have approximately how many orgasms you will need to wring out of him, to make this a serious risk.

If you haven't had a fit of giggles by this time (while performing the experiment) you can document the results, and let us know.

It is perfectly legitimate to be concerned, this is a serious issue - but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun evaluating the risk.

You are clearly at least cognizant of the mechanism of sex, and the purpose of it - producing a baby and / or having pleasure - so I have to assume that it is legitimate to discuss these issues.

When you do finally get around to penetrative sex, with the penis entering the vagina, then and really only then do you need to be concerned about protection and pregnancy, but remember, there's always the one in a billion UFO shot, virgin birth, or whatever - you are designed to be a mom, and all it takes is one sperm, but really, it's about confidence and trust - confidence that if you became pregnant, you could be a mother (and in a western country you always have the right to terminate) - and trust that the resources to help you will be there when you need them.

You will of course be over the age of consent (ie: of an age where penetrative sex is legal in your country).

Before that, there's plenty of time to experiment with milkshakes, hugs, and fumbles, in the time honoured tradition of every teen in western history.


hahaha wow. alright well thankss ! lol.
i actually talked to my friend about this incident and i got called a dumbass for asking that question so my nerves are at least a little bit more calm !(:


well in my book you're the sweetest dumbass and by no means the dumbest dumbass - at least you're smart enough to be concerned, and young and inexperienced enough that it's charming and not scary.

I guess your friend was a bit more concise, but I figure there's no harm in giving you the tools and information to think about how and why it may or may not be an issue.

Good fun, too. Take care.


haha well thanks! i went to the doctor for a different issue and he had to do a pregnancy test which was like 14 days after this happened and it came out negative soo yeahh haha (: