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I am a 13 yr old girl and i do figure skating. i am not overweight but i neeg to lose like, an inch of stomach fat and get a strong core within like 2 months. i am prepared to try anything that does not cost much and wont har my health. PLEASE HELP
ps dont say i need to check with my docter etc... coz i dont want to lose weight- i want to lose fat and gain muscle :-P
thanks in advance!!


Well, you sound focused and responsible, so that's a plus. Basically, no mystery, check out the men's health magazines and sites for 'six pack' abs, and you'll find what you're looking for. You're trying essentially to build up the abdominal (stomach) muscles and lower back muscles, so basically sit-ups, and variations. Want to hang like a bat from the ceiling? You sound keen, fit and focused enough to try it - check out Stallone in the Specialist, if I remember rightly - basically sit ups from hanging upside down is as gruesome and challenging as you can get.

No need for a doctor, unless you fall off!

Good luck with the skating.


how r u supposed to hang urself from the ceiling?
im willing to give anythin a shot so can u plz tell me? im also competitive so put like that, it sounds lke a challenge!
lol jokes
im alrdy doing 100 situps a day (50 morning, 50 night) so is there anything else?


Bl**dy hell?!!! 100 situps a day! Well, I think you've got that covered. In the movie, Stallone puts on special ankle wraps with attached hooks, and hauls himself up so that the hooks catch on a ceiling bar, like one of the olympic parallel bars, and performs situps from there. Looks cool in the movie but I confess I wouldn't like to think about dropping on your head!

On the assumption that it was also your post about your butt, you mention a BMI of 17.7. I am sure you are aware that this is off the bottom of the chart. Now you sound smart, rational and focused, and gymnasts (my generation it was Olga Korbut, long time ago) and ballerinas are no question skinny little things, but you will excuse me if as an adult I am a little bit concerned.

You're obviously serious about your skating, so you deserve support in helping you achieve your goal, but if you trust your hollywood, mtv and news casts, and follow sports, then you also have to know that a professional finds a coach, listens to their advice, and if they're smart, pays attention - I am not your coach, but among your parents, teachers, skating tutors, whatever, there is an adult that knows skating. If they say your butt and stomach are still too big, fair enough. At 17.7 I would be astonished, and you may need to consider listening to them if they say it's too small also.

I don't know - I have only a single BMI figure to go on, but it is consistently off the bottom of the chart, so I am a little concerned.

As I said, you sound rational and focused, so I'm trusting that your drive and ambition will see you safely through to 18, at which point what you do with your body is entirely up to you.

If you are serious about skating, you must be used to judges, an audience, or be willing to become used to them. By all means keep the fitness regime going - as long as you experience no pain - pain is a signal to pay attention - fitness itself is rarely harmful. But just as, I hope, you pay attention to judges scores and audience applause on your skating, so it may be appropriate to pay attention to judges scores and audience applause on your butt and stomach.

Be creative, and scientific and professional about this: it's important, isn't it, so do it so you and others make sure it's an accurate, scientific and rational analysis: here's a suggestion:

- identify groups that will make up your audience judges and fans in the future:
- examples would be:
- current judges, adults in similar positions of authorities, adults you know and respect
- friends, fellow pupils at school, students at different schools, clubs, societies etc
- men and women, housewives and workers, people on the street, shopping etc *

* you will of course be responsible and only approach these people in normal, daylight, malls and the like, preferably accompanied by a friend or friends, or adult

- set up a scoring system: lets say 1 to 5 - 1 violently disagree, 5 massively agree
- draw up a list of say between 5 and 7 questions, which I'll discuss in a moment

- wearing your skating outfit, have a friend, preferably a responsible adult or older brother, take a shot of you in the outfit, from the side, in a classic skating publicity shot pose **

** you may already have such a photo. if it's recent, use that - make sure it's from the side, or quarter-back, not the front, we want people to evaluate the two areas you have identified, not anything else

- ideally, get a shot in a second outfit, for reasons you'll understand in a second

- print up the photo at the top of a page, with the five questions, say, underneath (two will be your target questions, 3 will be 'decoys' that you don't really care about)

- with the (two) photos side by side at the top of the page, and the questions underneath, approach your target groups, with say between 10 or 20 in each group, and start to see what your audience and judges think - after all, it's their votes you want when it comes to competition

Here are example questions, and a suggested lead-in pitch:

'Excuse me, I'm trying to decide which of these outfits to wear at an important upcoming skating competition. Would you mind taking a moment and looking at these outfits, and answering five simple questions?'***

*** do NOT let them keep the paper - have it attached to a clip-board, folder or some such, like a school project. You are getting answers, not distributing publicity shots, especially to adults.

Here are example questions: 3 are decoys, 2 are the ones you really want answers to:

- (decoy): which would you say was the more professional outfit - A or B
- (real) : does my stomach look fat or fatter in either A or B
- (decoy): which color (style, whatever) do you prefer - A or B
- (real): does my butt (posterior, whatever) look disproportionate in A or B (if they say what does disproportionate mean, say big)
[yes, ultimately, you're asking 'does my butt look big in this']
- (decoy): which outfit looks more modern - A or B

It should only take 30 seconds to a minute per person, and do NOT of course enter into any other conversation with adults or agree to let them think about it, or ask a friend, or whatever - your safety is paramount, and not everyone out there is a saint. In a mall or some such, with friends or an adult, that of course should not be a problem.

Signoff: at the end, simply say: 'thank you, let's hope you're right and the judges agree!'

Smile and wave, boys (Madagascar).

- note the responses, add them up, and see what they say

Personally, I loved Cutting Edge more than Ice Princess, but I wouldn't say either of them was skinny, per se.

Good luck, stay focused, enjoy life.


... when I say 'group with 10 or 20 in each group' I don't mean of course go looking for a crowd, stand on a table, hold up the pictures, though that might be fun in a safe (school) environment.

I mean that as a statistician, or pollster, you ask 10 or 20 individual people, who form a representative sample, so you might go to the mall, stand near a fruit juice healthy foods or sports equipment shop, and decide to ask the next 20 people who come along, one at a time, choosing the next person after you've finished with the last person (smile and wave boys!)


k thnx
ok about the butt thing, my brother was teasing me nd i was a bit depressd so maybe 4get that 1
thnx 4 ur help nd stuff


oh yeah nd maybe i just need ane new skating outfit
the old one is a tad small


... ok, that definitely got me laughing. Of all the reasons to feel fat, not having an outfit that fits never occurred to me!

You do sound highly rational and focused, as I've said, so I'm only being careful, but I do hope you take to heart that you will never really know how normal, wonderful, and beautiful you are until you're old enough and lucky enough to find a partner that feels that way about you.

Until then, teasing, brothers, magazines, video, tv, life, they're just inputs, raindrops - you can either run from them, or run through them, or sit back and enjoy them.

God, the universe, life, nature, dna - call it what you will - doesn't make mistakes - just variations, and you're a dynamic, very special, highly motivated variation - I can think of only a few special forces, elite troops and athletes that could possibly do 100 sit-up a day, so good luck, have fun, and see you at the olympics.

Wear a steady-health t-shirt or button or something, when you're 18 and representing your country, so we know it's you!!!


My brothers r idiots and i think someone needs to convince mum to get me a new outfit but they cost heaps so it coul take some time. im only a novice skater and i started to late to do well in competitions-i havnt even competed yet! :-( so that rules out the olympics :-P thank u 4 helping me see that i am not fat as i said b4, brothers are phsycotic so i shouuldnt listen to them anymore lol


Well that is a highly accurate description of brothers, and excellent self-advice!

Around about when they're 18 and or you're 18 they may start to start talking sense, but don't ever expect them to admit they love your or care - maybe. Just watch what happens as you get older and someone starts to pick on you or find you attractive - they might - like Jacob in Twilight - suddenly take on characteristics more akin to wolves!!!

Family is family - just don't take it too seriously!

Still, I'm really touched and delighted that you seem to have figured out for yourself the real issue!

Geez, all my years, that one - too small an outfit - never occurred to me!!!!

You know - you can still do that mall experiment, but this time take photos of the two outfits you would most like to wear - maybe take a friend and get a photo in each of them, try them on - then do the poll... and maybe magic will happen... a skating coach will happen by, a school teacher will be so impressed with your initiative and dedication they put together a little collection ... a rich old widow looking to sponsor young skaters walks by...

... you never know when magic's going to happen!

Right now, I am so delighted to have had the pleasure of chatting. Good luck with the skating! And look at 'Cool Runnings' - that's a true story - even if you don't make the olympics, who knows what you really can do or achieve?

Hint: you don't, no does anyone else, nor me.

Try before you die - don't die before you try!


yea finally sum1 agrees about my bros
i dont even hav 2 outfits so maybe when i start competeing i could do i 4 a laff
if i had more den 1 outfit, i prob wouldnt hav got so confusd in da 1st place


oh yea one more thing. i havnt got my period yet... is that coz im under weight? that would b weird coz im only under by like 2 kgs


the two outfits I was referring to are not yours, but the ones you would like to own, in the stores...

... though such is my ignorance, I don't know if you buy skating outfits in stores, or have to do it online

My thought was, go along, choose two outfits you like, try them on in the dressing room with your friend, take the photos (explain to the lady that you're going to save up and want to remind yourself what you're saving for), and then do the poll...

... it's just fun - or even just do that, take the photos, and yes, put them on the wall, to remind you

It's ironic, that you're old enough to know now there's no such thing as fairy tales... but the irony is, there's some truth to fairy tales, though it's hidden truth - read about people who dream, and you'll find that they have no reason, no right, no justification for dreaming an impossible dream, but they dreamed, and it kept them on course, and they made it happen.

Putting a photo on a wall, one you take in a mall, might sound hokey, but it's there to remind you that you would like to skate, would like to own that outfit, and would like to be up there and out there, competing, and winning...

... no one can promise you you'll win, but most grown ups are sad not because they didn't win, but because they didn't try.

You can be a proud skater and never win, because you're still a skater: I'm a pilot, and you've never heard of me, but I've flown planes you've only read about in history books. I'm an inventor, and you've never heard of me, but I've invented things that could change the planet, and may, but may not... and that's ok, sort of... I'd still like to make a difference.

I didn't start out knowing I could do those things, and I didn't expect to do those things, and I haven't made the front cover of a magazine doing those things, but I have flown, and competed, and shared time with friends, and hung out and flown with four world champions, flown in Russia (big on skating, over there), US, UK, Europe... I just love flying, and it isn't even my job.

The biggest mystery in life is one I can't even discuss with you on here, because this is a physical, scientific site - but as you grow older, and see your mom reading or not reading new age books, there's a whole world of mystery and magic that most of the world doesn't even acknowledge or know about.

Putting your dream up in front of your eyes, putting your hands out to the universe and saying here's what I'd like, is a very powerful gift and tool, and you might be surprised as to how the universe responds.

Sometimes films are fantasy but hold a grain of truth.

The classic - it's a wonderful life - is such a film. We have no idea what effect we have, what we can do, how important we are, and sometimes it takes a crisis to appreciate ourselves and be appreciated.

If an old outfit can make you feel fat, imagine how a new outfit can make you feel fit, inspired.

Dream of it, imagine it, cut photos out of magazine, or download a photo and print it out.

Make your wall and your world an advert for your dream and listen to your heart, and believe in it and yourself, and take action, and don't be surprised if the universe helps to make your dream come true.

It's called synchronicity - or in the old world, magic!


As to your period, there's a couple of things:

firstly, given your age, and body type (with a BMI you've got to be skinny, really, right?), that suggests you've not yet entered puberty and had the hormones kick in, so if you have no other reason for believing you should have had a period (ie: you've had one before, your body is fully developed (curvy)) then no, there's no reason to expect you should have had a period.

Periods don't stop, and puberty doesn't refuse to show up, because you're underweight.

There are certain complexities, after puberty, that bodies in emergency mode do experience changes: when it's cold, our hands and feet get cold to keep the blood around our critical core - heart and lungs; fat is the body keeping a reserve against starvation, and the body will eat fat first, then muscle, then bone (gross, huh?)

Any 'optional' functions (and having babies is 'optional' when survival is concerned) can be switched off or diverted when the body is fighting for survival, so if you were past puberty, and refused to eat healthily and properly, and started to look like a concentration camp victim, by then I'd say your periods would have shut down, no question.

As a healthy, motivated, rational young woman past puberty, your period should be pretty regular and normal, though there's always room for variation, so no, your weight at the moment has not stopped you entering puberty and having a period!


k thnx that was really annoying me coz i like the only 1 in my class who hasnt had it yet. ok i think i hav all my complaints out of my system nd il focus on skool and skating now. thnk u so much 4 listening to me moan bout myself-uve helpd :-P